Creative Dynamics

Work more creatively, together

As budgets tighten and the environment for creative, social and not for profit businesses gets harsher, it’s tempting to focus all your effort on delivering tasks and making ends meet. Whilst that’s important, you might miss the vital ingredient which can help you work smarter, with increased innovation and greater sustainability – your creativity.

At Generate, we firmly believe that creativity is an innate and under used human quality. How often do you doubt that you have it, or enough of it, or even the time to exercise it?

Creativity is a muscle which can be strengthened and add power to what you can make happen in the world.

Blending research into creativity, psychology and innovation with our many years experience working in this area, we have evolved Creative Dynamics: a simple model which helps teams and groups to understand their creative strengths and blocks.

The model helps people first understand their personal relationship with creativity. Next, they explore and practice tools, mindsets and skills which can help them harness their creative potential and overcome obstacles – together.

  • Understand your creativity and how it shows up
  • Discover your strengths, preferences, blockers
  • harness your creative potential
  • Collaborate and explore how to improve your creative mindsets, skills and overcome obstacles with peers or colleagues
  • Co-create and sustain your learning together

Let us work with you to make more impact with your creativity now and develop sustainable skills for your future work.

Join us in this interactive voyage of creative discovery!

The Creative Dynamics model can be woven into bespoke team development sessions, or as a stand alone workshop for teams. The next open workshop is planned for autumn 2019 in London. Details will be posted soon. Please get in touch if you’re interested.

“Lisa & Emma showed the group playful, fun and easy to understand techniques … They have shown me how to refine and improve a skill that is already helping me in my professional and personal life.”

Melanie Smith of We are Story

Who is it for?

Ideal for new and growing businesses, individual freelancers and project teams, artists and creatives seeking refreshing and insightful approaches to developing their work.

What’s different about it?

Our experience shows that our relationship with creativity can be improved more effectively in collaboration with others. This is critical to our work in helping you bring your creative abilities to the forefront of your work.

What difference can this make?

Whether you take part as an individual in a group or as part of a team you will:

  • Develop your creative confidence and resilience
  • Learn a new skill set and develop your own creative toolbox
  • Learn how to work better with others to harness your creative potential

Contact us to find out more about a bespoke workshop or programme for your group or team

Where does it come from?

Creative Dynamics is rooted in the Gestalt cycle of experience (sometimes ‘cycle of awareness’) and supported by research in other theories and stories around creativity and the creative process, neuroscience and other knowledge we hold from coaching training.


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