Community Works

Community Works

New structure, new leadership team

We began working with Community Works as it emerged from major restructure and reorganisation of roles and services. We designed a series of coaching sessions for the new leadership team, over a year long period, that enabled them to better understand each other, to work more effectively together and to and create the confidence needed to work with staff and stakeholders on their new agenda.

We worked with the new Community Works leadership team following a major re-organisation of their roles and services and considerable upheaval. They did not know each other well, understand how they each worked or how they were going to make this new team really live and create a positive place to work.

What we did

Generate designed regular team coaching and development sessions over a year, working through a range of issues, from understanding each other’s communication preferences and styles to creating the business vision and understanding and managing change.

What were the results?

They got a clearer picture of what the organisation needed from them and became a stronger, more cohesive, confident and aligned leadership team. “The trustees now see us a powerful engine room”

The coaching provided “a gel” around things they had in common, surfaced questions and issues and gave the team some tools for managing them.

Individual team members developed their awareness and understanding of each other and how they could work more effectively together. They learned from hearing each other talk about themselves – their different approaches, how that impacted others and how this difference could make them stronger. Sometimes it wasn’t comfortable but they have better relationships and are a better team as a result.

“The combination of theory, reflection and practice means you are able to achieve both desirable changes in soft skills and team dynamics as well as tangible results in how you move forward with your work”

What was most useful

  • Understanding the value of dedicated, protected space for the team.“team time is now very much part of the work”
  • Being able to surface difficult issues in a safe, confidential space “I no longer feel such a lone voice in the leadership team, and it was confidence-building to have space given to my perspective”
  • Communication across the leadership team improved and there was more awareness and tolerance of different styles. “ I have learned about my own leadership style/strengths/weakness, learned about others and how we need to grow as a team”
  • Learning tools to navigate relationships, and try on new perspectives. “Great sharing of tools and techniques we can use as a team to continue the work.”
  • Getting clear about roles and responsibilities, enabling them to back each other up. “It enabled us to spend more time together in a different space which has developed our relationships and the confidence to trust each other”

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