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Generate is a small, responsive partnership with a strong belief in the power of human relationships to improve organisational effectiveness and creativity.

Our job is to help you build the muscles of a strong and healthy organisation.

We create the space which enables you to get beneath the surface of your organisation to what makes you tick and what might be getting in the way.

We help you develop your creativity, increase positivity, enable people to think for themselves and grow their response­-ability to change.


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We deliver empowering coaching-based training and development for the social, arts and not profit sectors.

We work with individuals, teams, coaches and facilitators who want to strengthen their people skills, build better relationships, use their creativity and have a positive impact in the world. You have the answers.

We have the questions, skills and tools to help you get there – together with your teams, partners and stakeholders.

 Work with us

Who we are

Generate is a partnership of Emma Haughton and Lisa Westbury – professional coaches with former organisational lives in the creative arts and public, private and voluntary sectors. We use our organisational change and creative development experience combined with professional coaching expertise to work with you to design your own strategies, develop skills and cultivate effective relationships. Sounds interesting?

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Lorraine Bell

Business Support Manager / Green Growth Platform, University of Brighton

“ Lisa and Emma have a friendly, professional, approachable style. Their sessions provided an opportunity to really get to know my team, I see my colleagues from another perspective now. I am more aware of my behaviour and communication style and how this can impact on my colleagues and clients and learned techniques to improve in this area.”

Kathy Gore DL

Chair / Friends of Sussex Hospices

"Emma and Lisa were brilliant facilitators for our away day. They helped to make it fun and enjoyable whilst getting us all to focus on our purpose and the key issues. I certainly came away having learned a few things and with a clearer sense of direction going forward. I think it was an excellent bonding and motivational exercise for us all."

Mimi Banks

Director / Home Live Art

“I couldn’t recommend this coaching enough. HLA has undergone a tremendous developmental journey over the course of 6 monthly sessions. The safe, productive space helped my fellow director and I, after 10 years of co-working, to build fresh invigorated ways to communicate, collaborate and generate our creative ideas."

Tania Menegatti

Internal Communications Business Partner / British Gas

“An exceptional Thinking Environment training day for British Gas internal communicators and leadership training facilitators, on how to create a better meeting culture. … Emma is a breath of fresh air; intelligent, creative, business-savvy and captivating. If you want to shake up your organisation’s meeting culture – look no further.”

Sally Polanski

CEO / Community Works

"Emma and Lisa are highly professional and they are both flexible and responsive in adapting the coaching experience to your needs. The combination of theory, reflection and practice means you are able to achieve both desirable changes in soft skills and team dynamics as well as tangible results in how you move forward with your work. "

Adam Cooper

Co-Director / Adapt for Arts

"Generate were fantastic facilitators of our 2-day conference. They perfectly balance a thorough planning process with a sensitive and flexible interpersonal approach. They were able to keep our group on plan while allowing space to explore emerging themes. The range of facilitation styles they were able to apply was impressive, guiding us through everything from structured workshops and 1:1 peer coaching, through to full room discussions and open space. Emma and Lisa compliment each other brilliantly and I can't recommend them highly enough as facilitators."

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