Team Development

Harness the power of your team

Team coaching

Are you in a new or changing team that wants to:

  • Accelerate your performance
  • Ride the waves of change
  • Understand and make the most of your diversity
  • Manage conflict and disagreement?
  • Unlock your creativity?

Understand the collective wisdom, dynamics and functions of your team so that you can work more effectively together.

Improve your relationship together as you co-create the answers to live business issues.

Find out how this new and dynamic skill set could make a radical difference to how you work together.


Coaching for partners

Being in a business partnership is in many ways like a marriage. You each bring different hopes, fears, strengths, challenges and ways of doing things!

Coaching for partners helps you:

  • understand and capitalise on your differences
  • work through the crunch points
  • solve business issues together
  • develop skills to sustain and strengthen your partnership.

We offer programmes of 3 – 6 sessions, depending on what you want to achieve together.


Team training

Sometimes the soft skills are actually the hard ones which help you make a better impact. Generate specialises in developing your uniquely human skills to work in our constantly evolving and unpredictable world:

  • Coaching skills
  • Listening skills
  • Responding to and managing change
  • Flexible leadership and collective leadership
  • Self awareness, social intelligence, team intelligence
  • Constructive communication and feedback
  • Self care and resilience
  • Enhancing and sustaining creativity

Tell us the gaps you want to close and we’ll develop interactive, experiential training to meet your needs.


Creative Dynamics

Harness the dynamic relationship between you, your creativity and others

Creativity is more important than ever

Understand your relationship with creativity so you can use this vital resource to enhance your life and work.

This one day workshop is designed to engage and enliven your creativity, helping you to understand what blocks it and what supports it.

We provide a simple model to

  • understand your own relationship with creativity
  • explore how and when to involve others in your creative process
  • facilitate creative fulfilment in others

Our next Creative Dynamics open course is at Cockpit Arts on 26 March 2020 for creatives, coaches and leaders who want to work more creatively. Book by 8 February 2020 to get the early bird offer. We also offer workshops for teams who want to work more creatively together. Contact us to find out more. 


An experienced, external facilitator can make all the difference to the work of groups and teams:

  • Board and Staff sessions
  • Whole Organisation and Team Away Days
  • Peer Learning and Development.

Idea generation, visioning, problem solving, strategy, planning and more, together with solid experience and training in facilitation, group and team work.

Our facilitation is always bespoke. We work with you to design a plan that will achieve the desired outcome, is responsive to need and changing priorities, and generates fresh thinking, action, and strengthens relationships.


Achieve your potential and make change happen with experienced support. We have a solid track record of successfully helping individuals across the creative, not for profit and social sectors to overcome blocks and achieve the growth they want.

  • Career and leadership development
  • Maternity transition
  • Creative development
  • Team and management issues
  • Prioritisation and time management

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