Are you in a new or changing team that wants to

  • Grow and develop your business together?
  • Use all your strengths effectively?
  • Ride the waves of change?
  • Unlock your creativity?
  • Understand each other better?

Do you or some of your organisation sometimes

  • Feel stuck?
  • Procrastinate?
  • Have unhelpful interactions?
  • Coast along, just surviving?
  • Worry that change won’t help?
  • Notice resistance to different approaches, opinions, backgrounds?
  • Have unclear purpose?

We use our organisational change and creative development experience combined with professional coaching expertise to work with you to design your own strategies, develop skills and cultivate effective relationships.

We create one-off or a bespoke programme of workshops, training, leadership development, facilitation or team coaching

  • Team and partnership coaching programmes: Learning and developing as a team or partnership, achieving common goals and improving effectiveness.
  • Managing Change
  • Developing creativity – problem solving, ideas generation, creative culture
  • Effective meetings
  • Leadership development   – coaching and training in leaderships skills, role/s, culture setting
  • Developing a coaching culture
  • Understanding and fostering resilience
  • Facilitation: Away days, strategy, planning, values and visioning sessions.
  • Peer learning and development programmes

We also offer joint initiatives that give the opportunity to network, wider peer learning and can mean lower cost.

What we believe

Everyone is creative – we blend approaches from coaching, psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and organisational development to help you tap into your creative problem solving abilities

The power of three – by building positivity and understanding in relationships – you, your colleagues, your team relationships –   you can build a strong, high performing culture.

Sustainability through skills transfer – we show you practical exercises that develop your skills, increase response-ability, resilience, confidence and ownership

Collaboration delivers results – we ask for your input into session/programme design and support you in finding the answers that meet your needs

Openness and rigour – we aim for an effective, transparent, flexible process. A firm basis for a confidential and rigorous space in which to learn and develop, sustainably

More than the sum of the parts – by supporting people to think well for themselves and to welcome different contributions you can have better ideas and more impact, together

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