Founded in 2013, Generate is a partnership of Emma Haughton and Lisa Westbury – professional coaches with former organisational lives in the creative arts and public, private and voluntary sectors.

We are firm believers in power of strong human relationships to generate better impact and facilitate more creativity. This theme runs through all our work and in the way we like to do business. Our aim is that you get great value and that we enjoy working together. More importantly, that you are better able to do great work, together.


IMG_0483 5.5x8Emma brings over twenty five years’ experience of supporting individuals and teams in the arts and creative sector to realise their vision and potential. She is an accredited Relational Dynamics coach and trainer and an experienced facilitator and workshop leader. Emma is trained in the Thinking Environment (the work of Nancy Kline) as a certified Time to Think coach and in Gestalt theory and practice in coaching and facilitation (she is currently completing a Certificate in Groupwork at the Gestalt Centre in London).


IMG_0474 5.5x8Lisa’s experience of organisational change and communications across Government informs her understanding of what engages and challenges teams. In addition to her individual coach training (Certified Professional Co-Active Coach) she is also trained in team and systemic coaching (Organisational Relationship Systems Coaching). She has a particular interest in supporting women to make the most of their creative talents and make more of a difference at work.

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