We began Generate to support people who feel as strongly as we do about making the world a better place. We are a small partnership, bringing in trusted associates where needed, to get the job done.

A bit more about each of us:


IMG_0474 5.5x8 Lisa holds an incubator-like space for people to play to their talents and make more of a difference at work. She brings a warm and incisive style, encouraging people to fully use their creative potential, improve relationships, feel more motivated and purpose led.

As your a team coach and facilitator she aims to bring greater focus, open up choices, build positivity and collaborative action. Working one to one, she helps illuminate your motivations and talents, build new self awareness and supports you to engage better with others.

Lisa’s background is in Corporate Communications where she spent several years leading staff engagement campaigns for major Government change programmes. She is a professional credentialed coach with the International Coaching Federation (PCC), an experienced maternity and career coach, and a certified systemic coach (ORSCC).


IMG_0483 5.5x8Emma brings over twenty five years’ experience of supporting individuals and teams in the arts and creative sector to realise their vision and potential. She is an accredited Relational Dynamics coach and trainer and an experienced facilitator and workshop leader. Emma is trained in the Thinking Environment (the work of Nancy Kline) as a certified Time to Think coach and in Gestalt theory and practice in coaching and facilitation (she is currently completing a Certificate in Groupwork at the Gestalt Centre in London).

What we believe

Everyone is creative – we blend approaches from coaching, psychology, neuroscience, mindfulness and organisational development to help you tap into your creative problem solving abilities

The power of three – by building positivity and understanding in relationships – you, your colleagues, your team relationships –   you can build a strong, high performing culture.

Sustainability through skills transfer – we show you practical exercises that develop your skills, increase response-ability, resilience, confidence and ownership

Collaboration delivers results – we ask for your input into session/programme design and support you in finding the answers that meet your needs

Openness and rigour – we aim for an effective, transparent, flexible process. A firm basis for a confidential and rigorous space in which to learn and develop, sustainably

More than the sum of the parts – by supporting people to think well for themselves and to welcome different contributions you can have better ideas and more impact, together.

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