So what does growth mean to Brighton businesses?

Some insights from Generate’s session at the Brighton Chamber Summit on Getting to Grips with Growth

What always impresses us about the Brighton Summit is not the just exciting and varied content of the day, but the wonderfully diverse group of people that come together under one roof and the extraordinary buzz they create.

And this year was no exception. We were thrilled to witness the spirit in which people engaged with the growth theme. As the day kicked off, in the safe and generous hands of the MC for the day Rachel Blackman, we were all treated to an inspiring and fresh perspective on growth by Nikki Gatenby from Propellernet in her opening keynote. Our session came next, with a timely opportunity for people to really focus and relate the theme directly to themselves and their business: what does growth mean to ME and my future?  

We heard – and read – some great insights and discoveries that were real, refreshing and beautifully surprising.


‘I discovered that I am more focused on individual growth both for me and others, though I would argue that without individual growth there can be no organisational growth. I am clear I want to grow in wisdom and effectiveness and I am provoked to find ways where I may share my learning. I have a desire to be someone who ‘wanders around the Brighton business and charity communities doing good’ wherever I can make a relevant contribution. My energy levels were really topped up – very helpful for me at the moment as there are quite intense demands at work.’ John Thacker, Accountant

What came across so strongly to us and our co-facilitators was a generosity of spirit in the room, a willingness to engage in serious play and to dare to think differently, even try out new skills with people they didn’t know. People were listening with avid attention, illustrating their thoughts with a focussed sense of fun and drawing together the type of thinking that often isn’t possible alone or in our day to day working lives.

20151016_134920 Here are some of the key headlines:

  • Ask the difficult questions –  why do we want to grow, what is productive, healthy and important? Staying true to our values. 
  • Our businesses are becoming part of us – where does one stop and the other begin? The personal and business growth journeys are entwined and so …
  • The balance of work and life more important than ever – What does happiness mean and how can we focus on it? Making time to do more of what brings happiness and letting go of what we don’t need to do.
  • Make better use of the people we already employ –  You may already have what you need to grow if you enable others to help.
  • It’s all about people –  bringing more fun and creativity into business, building relationships and working with like-minded people.

What did you discover? Do get in touch and send in your own insights questions challenges and see what comes back to you! We look forward to hearing how those visions for growth become a reality in the coming year.
Our huge thanks to everyone for participating so wholeheartedly, and to our wonderful co-facilitators Rob Da Costa, Alistair Duncan, Hilary Ellis, Claire Evans, Emma Ferrey, Dieter Hachenberg Carol Lewis and Nick Price for supporting all of this discovery.

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