The Cycle of Creative Experience is alive!

We’ve been enthusiastically developing an interactive model to help get under the skin of the ever-elusive ‘creative process’. The “cycle of creative experience” model draws on and references key concepts in Gestalt psychology, neuroscience and other studies with valuable insights to offer. Combining this theoretical underpinning with a practical coaching approach it’s designed to help people gain a clear, detailed understanding of ‘what supports and what interrupts my creativity?’ AND how to apply this learning to improve their creativity.

In this first phase of research and development we invited a diverse group of creatives to put our model to the test in relation to their own work. Writers, designers, theatre makers joined us in our experiment and brought three C’s to our workshop: their creativity, their curiosity and their commitment to giving it a go!

cycle of creativity flipchart

The group explored the cycle as a whole and then each stage in relation to their own work, considering questions such as ‘what is happening here?’ ‘what gets in the way?’ ‘what stops me from progressing?’’

“I realised I can play to my strengths and re-package things in my mind to make the bits I find most tricky more enjoyable.”

What do we know now?  

This model offers a robust framework – rooted in the understanding of human behaviour –  that lends itself openly to the deconstruction and reconstruction of the creative process.1stcycleofcreativityworkshop

This model is immediately accessible – it allows each person to engage with it in different ways and in a way that is most useful for them.

Shared learning leads to greater learning – in working as a group, supported with a coaching approach, the participants learned not only through their own reflection and questioning but from listening to the experiences of others.

The group took away insights and actions which they’ll apply to their creative practice and in December we’ll meet again to find out what difference this is making to their productivity and satisfaction!

“This workshop is a wonderful way to discover where your strengths lie within the creative process and to uncover where your blocks are.”

What next?

Informed and motivated by this research Generate plans to develop the model further to

  • Enable individuals to understand their creativity, be more productive and realise creative projects more effectively.
  • Working with teams to help them understand their relationships with the creative process, and how they can leverage more creativity together.

If this strikes a chord with you and you’d like to find out more about our workshop plans or how we can work alongside your creative team then please get in touch for more information.

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